Students and School Bus Driver Return Love To The Granny Who Waves To Them Daily.


A sweet granny waves to the bus of students from Arlington High whenever they pass by her house on their way to school. Dubbed as the grandma in the window, the 93-year-old Louise Edlen has been doing this everyday for 5 years now. But nothings sweeter than how these kids return the love to the grandmother theyve grown very fond of for years.

One September morning, as the students were expecting the same thoughtful gesture from Edlen, their favorite granny was nowhere to be found. It sparked sadness and concern to the students as they wanted to make sure that Edlen was doing well.

It was kind of heartbreaking because she was always there, seventh-grader Axtin Bandewerfhorst told KING 5.

Carol Mitzelfeldt, the bus 7 driver then decided to visit Edlens home with a bouquet of flowers and a sweet note for her that says,

To the grandma in the window, were thinking of you. Love, the kids on bus 7 and bus driver, Carol, she told The Huffington Post.

Upon receiving the note, Edlens husband Dave contacted Mitzelfeldt to explain the reason for his wifes absence. They soon found out about her condition, that she had a stroke and was under the care of a local rehabilitation center. With the help of Mitzelfeldt, the kids came up with a plan to cheer her up and surprise her.

Since Edlen isnt home yet, they thought of taking a group picture so she can have something to look at.


Photo credit: Arlington Public Schools/Facebook
Heres a photo of them waving out the bus windows, attached to a foam board, signed and delivered to Edlen.


Photo credit: KING
Ive told them, this could be your grandma or grandpa, or even you someday,’ Mitzelfeldt said.


Photo credit: Arlington Public Schools/Facebook

Always treat people with kindness, and always treat people with compassion, she added.

A week after, Edlen returned home and was greeted by Mitzelfeldt and the students with a warm welcome home sign.


Photo credit: Arlington Public Schools/Facebook

They cheered and waved while APS buses that drove by honked their horns, happy to see their beloved grandma home and well.

The sweetest thing indeed! I surely dont mind growing old and coming home to this.

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