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25 Happenings Throughout History That Seem Too Weird To Be True

Do you believe in coincidences? Or do you believe there”s some larger, possibly nefarious mechanism at work making weird things happen the way they do? Whether you believe in fate or in random occurrences, here are 25 of the strangest coincidences to have happened throughout recent history. 1. The twin deaths In 2002, a man

10 Things That Modern Movies Get Wrong About Vampire Stories In History.

Let”s face it. Vampires were subverted by Hollywood as a way to sell more tickets. In principle, I suppose there”s nothing wrong with this. Though, in the process, everything that used to make vampires so terrifying is now lost. (Scary vampires didn”t sparkle, for one thing.) That said, here are 10 things that modern popular

The Warning Signs Alone Would Keep Me Out. But This Guy Goes Straight In… And The Result Is Incredible.

Photographer Matt Emmett makes it his goal to rediscover forgotten worlds all around us. His online portfolio, Forgotten Heritage Photography, focuses on showing these creepy and abandoned places to others. No entry”; “access strictly prohibited; trespassers will be prosecuted”; common sights on perimeter fences around many of this country”s forgotten buildings or abandoned industrial sites.