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Cat Beards vs Dog Beards Contest

The cat beard and dog beard internet meme started in 2012, so unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen them somewhere on the internet. First, we had the cat beards, and then the dog beard came along. Dog owners realized they had the potential to be much funnier. They definitely gave cat beards

15 Hilarious Animals That Got A Hangover

So you think that the typical day after a brave night are just a human thing? You couldn’t be more wrong! These 15 photos clearly show us that animals can have their hangovers too. Take a look at the poor bear at #1 or at the monkey at #2, they are clearly showing us their

25 Epic Tattoo Fails

Some people get tattoos that I will never be able to understand. People know these are permanent right? Some of them look like they were done with a homemade pen and out of sheer boredom. The good news is, people take pictures of these and post them on social networking sites so we can all

Dogs Can Imitate Us in the Most Hilarious Way

Can a dog forget to be a dog? If you’re a dog lover, then you know it’s true! There’s a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. They love us so much they want to be just like us, as these completely hilarious photos show… the dog rolling his eyes kills me. He’s got

Things Done by People Who Sucked at Their Jobs

We all know those people who just quite simply suck at their jobs. They have one job and SOMEHOW they manage to screw it up. The result is a terrifying Barbie doll or a confused box of blue strawberries. When it comes to people and their jobs, they can get anything wrong, whether its putting